Nov 8, 2019

In this post, we have gathered 10 most frequently asked questions about traveling to Mexico.

Mexican Caribbean is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

If you are about to spend your vacation in Mexico, you might have a number of questions in your head that you would like to sort out before your arrival. You may wonder how the weather is in November, or if it’s safe there, or if you need to exchange your money.

In this post, we have gathered 10 most frequently asked questions about traveling to Mexico. We hope this will help you prepare for the best vacation in your life!

1. Is it safe in Mexico?

Bad things happen in Mexico like in any other country. But this has nothing to do with tourists. Just make sure you stay in touristic zones and you will be more than fine!

2. How is the seaweed?

The seaweed is a totally natural phenomena and it’s hard to control it. In autumn and winter, the seaweed is generally gone, but you never know.

3. Pesos or US dollars?

Both are perfectly fine! You can even bring euros and exchange them here. In some cases, you might prefer pesos though (for example, when you use taxis).

4. How bad are the mosquitos?

It depends on how prone you are to be bitten. But we recommend that you bring a good bug spray, just in case.

5. Should you tip in Mexico?

Yes! Mexico is a tipping country, so keep this in mind when going out.

6. What sunscreen should you use?

If you plan to swim in the sea or in cenotes, you should bring a biodegradable reef-safe sunscreen. Check the ingredients to make sure your sunscreen is safe.

7. Is it safe to drink water?

All the served water (including ice) is purified. No reason to worry, unless you drink tap water!

8. Are the excursions expensive?

It depends, but in general, the excursions are not cheap. The prices may range from 50 USD to 150 or even 200 USD per person.

9. How is the weather this month?

Hot! It is always hot, sometimes less, sometimes more. Autumn is a rain season in the Riviera Maya, but the rains don’t usually last long.

10. Should you get shots before coming to Mexico?

You should consult with your doctor. If getting shots makes you feel more comfortable and confident, then do it. However, this is not necessary at all.

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